Hire a Mommy Blogger

Need blog content, social media management or a virtual assistant?


You came to the right place.


I manage a team of FABULOUS mommy bloggers like myself who would like nothing more than to help you create awesome content for your blog. Learn more about what we offer over at my freelancing company’s site, NerdyGirl.co.


Here’s what makes us the coolest in the business…



Why Hire a Mommy Blogger?


Moms are the target demographic for TONS of businesses, and we can speak to them authentically because, well, we ARE them!


If your company caters to this type of audience, you couldn’t find a better team in the world to market to them. We have a talent pool of over 100 people, most of them moms at home with young kids, and each of our freelancers brings to the table her own unique set of talents and skills. We’ve got ad experts, first-class writers, graphic designers, web designers– anything a marketing agency could do for your business, we can do on an a la carte basis with the unique flavor and tone that only a mom can truly know.


Of course, we don’t exclusively provide services to companies who are hoping to sell products and services to moms… we’re just particularly good at it. 😉


Interested? Hope to talk to you soon!